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Madden Taekwondo Academy is a Christian Taekwondo Academy that is open to everyone from ages 3 and up. We have officially been open for business since December of 2019. Master Madden has successfully operated 2 other schools and now has his name on the marquee. We teach Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo as well as self defense and situational awareness. We have prayer before class and will pray with and for you regardless of religion or belief. We even memorize scripture as part of our ranking system.

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Our Leadership

My name is Master Eric Madden, and I began my Taekwondo training in 2001. I found out about the Sell Team (An evangelistic Taekwondo team) while living in Florida. After moving to Virginia, I traveled back to Florida to have my very first lesson ever with Grandmasters Edward and Brenda Sell (The highest ranked couple in the world)!

I then went back to Richmond Virginia, took some time to train, and opened my first school (Breakthrough Christian Taekwondo). While teaching here (from 2001-2011), I successfully tested for and received my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Black Belts.

I became the Senior Instructor of Kingdom Warriors Christian Martial Arts (2011-2017) after moving to Northern Virginia. During this time, I successfully tested for and received my 4th and 5th Degree Black Belts.

I now have opened, and am the Senior Instructor of, a new school: Madden Taekwondo Academy! This past summer (2021), I successfully tested for my 6th Degree Black Belt. My credentials are held with the United States Chung Do Kwan Association (www.uscdka.com). I am also currently the Children’s Pastor at Real Life Church in Woodbridge, VA.

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